Waiakea Is Committed To Ending The World Water Crisis With Every Bottle

Embedded in the Hawaiian culture is thousands of years of respect for nature.  Great care is taken on protecting and preserving natural resources that are used for life necessities such as food and building materials.  Such Hawaiian sustainability practices are at the heart of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. Waiakea water is sourced from the Mauna Loa volcano, a sustainable freshwater resource.  The Kea’au Aquifer located at the eastern base of the Mauna Loa volcano captures over 200 inches to snowmelt and rainwater every year.

Each day the pure rain and snowmelt accumulate 393 million gallons of sustainable water. With a sustainable water resource, Waiakea uses a total 33% renewable energy for sourcing operations. 25% of the renewable energy is from geothermal energy. Using a combination of renewable energy and sustainable resources, it helps conserve the surrounding environment of Hawaii and the world. As of September 2012, Waiakea was awarded the CarbonNeutral certification.  Waiakea works closely with The CarbonNeutral company to reduce business emissions, significantly reducing the environmental impact.

Founded in 2012, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water maintains the mission of providing pure and healthy water. Waiakea is committed to providing delicious water from Hawaii without negatively impacting the environment. By using 33% renewable energy, Waiakea water is bottled from the world’s most sustainable source of water, the Kea’au Aquifer. With every bottle comes a 100% rPET free guarantee. Guaranteeing 100% rPET free allows Waiakea to reduce its carbon footprint by 90%.

Keeping the commitment to sustainability, Waiakea guarantees funding for PumpAid.Org. With the purchase of every bottle, funding goes to provide over 650 liters of drinkable water to developing countries such as the rural communities of Africa. By the sale of every bottle, Waiakea is dedicated to ending the global water crisis. Waiakea is naturally filtered through volcanic rock that enriches the water with minerals and electrolytes. From the natural aquifer comes an 8.8 pH making it one of the most Alkaline natural waters worldwide.

George Soros Helps Many Progressive Causes Such As Those In Ferguson

There are quite a few people who wish to see progressive causes grow, and they are hoping for something that will change the balance of power in favor of those who are oppressed and injured. This article explains how George Soros has been reported by Politico many times for helping those who are fighting for justice in Ferguson and beyond. His reach is quite broad, and he wants to see more people given help with many progressive causes.

#1: Ferguson Protests

The Ferguson protests are quite important because they provide the people with a voice in the hotbed of American progressivism. This city is the place where Michal Brown was killed without any cause by a police officer, and the protests have not stopped. George Soros is willing to offer funds that will help keep the protests for justice going, and he will continue to help in any way that he can. Read his profile at Forbes.

#2: George’s Wealth And Support

George Soros is one of the wealthiest men in the world, and he uses his money to give back to causes that he believes in. He has made his way into the pages of many magazines over the years, and he is someone that many progressive follow because they want to know what he is doing next. He is on the very edge of what progressive causes are out there, and he gives to them as freely as possible to ensure their strength.

Read more: https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros

#3: Giving For Elections

George gave quite a lot of money to the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, and he believes that he must help all those who are hoping to run a progressive government. He knows that there is someone out there who needs his help, and he wants to bring together as many donors as possible to ensure that the elections will go in favor of those who have the best interests of the people at heart.

#4: The Donor Summit

George held a donor summit that brought together all the rich donors that he knows from the Democratic Party. He wanted to ensure that all these people would be willing to give more than they already have, and they created a list of causes that they wanted to support. They wish to build PACs that will help fight injustice, and they will help pay for midterm elections that could swing the balance of power. Know more on businessinsider.com about George Soros.

George Soros has spent a lifetime fighting for what is good and right in the world. He knows that there are many people who are oppressed right now, and he believes that they should have a voice. He gives of his resources so that someone else may have a chance at a better life.

Norman Pattiz: The Beverly Hills Broadcasting Mogul

Are you in need of an expert in broadcasting? Does the name of the amazing and superb Norman Pattiz ring a bell? Well, he is a broadcasting mogul from Beverly Hills, California. Born in 1943, Pattiz is the creater of Westwood One, a broadcasting company in Los Angeles.

Right now, Norman Pattiz is effectively the Chairman of Podcast One and along with Edison Research, they have released the results of an important study. This study uses different products and brands from different companies to demonstrate what is wanted and by how much.

The research at hand, demonstrates an increase in product knowledge and the need to buy it. Around more than 55% of subscribers talked about certain grocery nourishments after they heard it on a program. Around one-fourth of subscribers had a swift thought of after-market products for both motorcycles and cars. Not only that, but also fast-food searching increased by 65%.

Not many know people know about Pattiz and his origin. He is 73 years old and as we know founded Westwood One back in 1976. Pattiz was always focused to make his company good and to keep it going and attract more subscribers to his brand and radio shows. He was always a hard worker who would communicate properly to his employees as well as his listeners who always tune in to the many shows to which they have subscribed to.

Impressively, his broadcasting company would become one of the nation’s largest radio networks and expanding to advertising and media. Along the way, Pattiz met the love of his life. She is Mary Turner, an extraordinary former radio personality. She was a hard working woman that she also was the Executive Director of the Betty Ford Center.

Pattiz was brought in to the board of regents at the University of California in 2001. Coming from a broadcasting background, he had skills to influence ideas and campaigns that can be used in the college system. Colleagues came to Norman Pattiz that needed to get across to students, and he would have the proper skills to come with a plan such as using social media to get their message across to students.

Pattiz knows that these young students are indeed the future and so should be properly influenced so that they can make better decisions in their lives. His hard work was seen by others and so Pattiz was effectively inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2008, sealing his legacy in broadcast history.

Learn more about Norman Pattiz:


Dr. Jim Tananbaum, a Dedicated Medical revolutionist

Dr. Jim Tananbaum is an entrepreneur in healthcare industry focusing on operational, strategic, and financial ventures. Armed with B.S.E.E, M.D, and M.B.A from Yale University, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard Business School respectively, Dr. Tananbaum is best equipped for the industry.

Dr. Tananbaum was named in Forbes Midas list of 2017 for three years running. This list acknowledges top 100 investors who take early chances to invest in high-tech companies and eventually creating enormous wealth to their investors.

In his lifetime Dr. Tananbaum has led a successful investment in healthcare companies naming Jazz, Amira and Amerigroup Pharmaceuticals and many others. He founded and managed GelTex (a company that bought two drugs for less than $ 80 million and now have an income of $1 billion) and Theravance Pharmaceuticals. Also, Tananbaum partnered in forming a successful investment group- prospect partner II and III.

Dr. Tananbaum is the architect behind and CEO of Foresite Capital. Foresite Capital is an investment organization in healthcare industry both in private and public sector. Foresite Capital has its base in San Francisco with other offices in New York. See Foresite Capital’s Linked In page here.

Recently Foresite Capital in partnership with ARCH partners, Optum Venture, and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund ventured into $14 million project Series A round f. According to PatientDaily.com, the project involves Mindstrong Health platform that focuses on employing smartphones to diagnose and assist in neuropsychiatric treatment. For the correct assessment of cognitive function, individuals will scroll or type on their smartphone. The program will furnish data regarding the cognition and mood biomarkers processing speed, memory, attention, and function.

Regarding Mindstrong Health Program, Dr. Jim Tananbaum in a prepared statement expressed high optimism on the project. “Mindstrong Health Founding team brings unmatched understanding of the challenges surrounding the way the medical community cares for patients suffering from cognitive health disorders …. the innovative platform modernizes and vastly improves the way in which care is provided.”

Foresite Capital under the stewardship of Dr. Tananbaum is also planning to launch an ambitious project – Intarcia by the end of 2017, see google.com. Intarcia is a twice per year implant for type II diabetes which assists the patient to manage their diabetes and also lose weight.

Visit officialjimtananbaum.com for more info.