Norman Pattiz: The Beverly Hills Broadcasting Mogul

Are you in need of an expert in broadcasting? Does the name of the amazing and superb Norman Pattiz ring a bell? Well, he is a broadcasting mogul from Beverly Hills, California. Born in 1943, Pattiz is the creater of Westwood One, a broadcasting company in Los Angeles.

Right now, Norman Pattiz is effectively the Chairman of Podcast One and along with Edison Research, they have released the results of an important study. This study uses different products and brands from different companies to demonstrate what is wanted and by how much.

The research at hand, demonstrates an increase in product knowledge and the need to buy it. Around more than 55% of subscribers talked about certain grocery nourishments after they heard it on a program. Around one-fourth of subscribers had a swift thought of after-market products for both motorcycles and cars. Not only that, but also fast-food searching increased by 65%.

Not many know people know about Pattiz and his origin. He is 73 years old and as we know founded Westwood One back in 1976. Pattiz was always focused to make his company good and to keep it going and attract more subscribers to his brand and radio shows. He was always a hard worker who would communicate properly to his employees as well as his listeners who always tune in to the many shows to which they have subscribed to.

Impressively, his broadcasting company would become one of the nation’s largest radio networks and expanding to advertising and media. Along the way, Pattiz met the love of his life. She is Mary Turner, an extraordinary former radio personality. She was a hard working woman that she also was the Executive Director of the Betty Ford Center.

Pattiz was brought in to the board of regents at the University of California in 2001. Coming from a broadcasting background, he had skills to influence ideas and campaigns that can be used in the college system. Colleagues came to Norman Pattiz that needed to get across to students, and he would have the proper skills to come with a plan such as using social media to get their message across to students.

Pattiz knows that these young students are indeed the future and so should be properly influenced so that they can make better decisions in their lives. His hard work was seen by others and so Pattiz was effectively inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2008, sealing his legacy in broadcast history.

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