Successful Distribution of USHEALTH Group’s Health Insurance Covers Demonstrates the Marketing Expertise at USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors is the marketing and distribution branch of one of the leading health insurance providers in the United States, USHEALTH Group. Dallas, Texas hosts the company’s headquarters.

The health insurance covers sold by the firm are underwritten by USHEALTH Group’s wholly-owned subsidiaries. The subsidiaries are National Foundation Life Insurance Company and the recognized Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.

Excellent Customer Care

USHEALTH Advisors’ wide clientele base is formed by self-employed individuals and small businesses together with their employees. The firm has hands-on experience of over three decades. It is for this reason that it fully understands that each client has unique needs that should be addressed individually. Knowing this fact, USHEALTH Advisors provides tailor-made products to fit these needs.

The firm is innovative enough to provide new products that keep up with the ever-changing health insurance market. The prices provided by the company are also affordable, taking into account the high costs that dominate the field.

The Agents

USHEALTH Advisors sells the health insurance covers through a network of well-trained agents. The agents enjoy high compensation from the company. They earn commissions when they sign up clients in the first year. Subsequent renewals also earn commissions.

The agents are assured of full support from the firm until they can stand on their own. USHEALTH Advisors sets easy to meet targets and rewards the agents who achieve them. The agents who record top performances are recommended for promotions.

Giving Back

Besides selling health insurance covers, USHEALTH Advisors has interests in the society. Through its philanthropic arm, Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE), the firm strives to make positive impacts to the communities. The organization started its projects by helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the year 2010.

Together with the Phoenix of New Orleans, the firm renovated homes for the victims from the hardest hit areas. The following year, HOPE donated assorted items to a Phoenix-based children shelter, The Crisis Nursery.

USHEALTH Advisors has also worked with HOPEKids Arizona that helps families of kids with cancer and other serious ailments. Led by the chief executive officer Troy McQuagge, the firm has continued to give back to the communities relentlessly over the years.

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3 Ways Fabletics Is Killing Competition Without Breaking A Sweat

Every fashion eCommerce retailer wants to taste the success Amazon has achieved. Its market influence extends to a massive 20 percent of the online shopping community. Lately, its newest rival, Fabletics, a TechStyle subsidiary, which recently celebrated its 4th anniversary, threatens to dethrone the eCommerce champion. In just three years following inception, Fabletics generated $250 million in revenue. With it acquiring physical retail space, it’s now accessing untapped channels of the market. In a modern industry where consumer expectations of high-value fashion brands have matured, retailers’ toughest challenge is keeping relevant.


One of three marketing strategies exploited by Fabletics is reverse showrooming. Having witnessed countless retailers fail at showrooming, it devised a quintessential approach to win over consumers. The athleisure fashion designer makes every event of browsing count with the reverse method. This has enabled the brand to strengthen customer relationships. Additionally, it preserves walk-in consumer browsing history by adding items to their virtual shopping bag. An estimated 25 percent of potential shoppers browsing in-store locations become paying subscribers. Another survey revealed that 30 to 50 percent of Fabletics members browse physical retail stores as well as online.


While online data represents the essence of any retail strategy, Fabletics utilizes a combination of elements to influence consumers. It’s particularly focused on preserving the brand experience with every interaction. It considers dynamics such as social media sensibility, live sales, membership preferences and heat-mapping analysis to create style trends that actually engage consumers. Its “Lifestyle Quiz” also streamline data to help determine and create the perfect fashion recommendations for each member. The brand reported an exponential growth rate of 35 percent according to TechStyle’s head of marketing, Shawn Gold. Fabletics has credited this success to its exclusive membership program, intelligent distribution, data awareness and convenient purchase options.


Fabletics co-founder and award-winning Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson, has been credited for the brand’s quintessentially fashion-forward styling. The celebrity entrepreneur keeps a low profile, despite her massive success pioneering the emerging fashion eCommerce franchise. She’s injected herself in every aspect of manufacturing and management to even encouraging a TechStyle collaboration. A partnership with the fashion eCommerce retailer provided the leverage Fabletics needed to evolve and tap into new markets.


Hudson developed on this perfect learning adventure and spearheaded a series of creative development exercises to streamline sustainable growth. With an opportunity to tap into unlimited resources, fashion expertise, and lucrative investment channels, Hudson anticipated every advantage in a TechStyle alliance. Fabletics has remained consistent with growth over the course of operation. Last year, it reported a growth rate of 43 percent and anticipates a sales projection of $250 million for 2017.

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Whitney Wolfe Fights For Women Power

Whitney Wolfe asks why the tradition dictates that the woman must wait for a man to pick her for a date. She asks why the woman cannot pick the man she likes. Whitney aspires to bring back power to the woman and to make a woman’s chances of being abused minimal. Whitney says that whenever a man picks a woman, he has the power to abuse her and hurt her deeply as was the case with her ex Mateen. The two met accidentally, and they agreed to come up with Tinder App. This time, Whitney Wolfe was only 23 years while the other co-founders were slightly older. After a while, Whitney and Mateen fell out, causing the men in the partnership to claim that Tinder could not have a woman among its co-founders as she made the company seem like a joke. Despite her efforts in establishing the App, Whitney was thrown out of the partnership. To make the matter worse, Mateen called her a whore in public, a factor that made her fight it out in court. Luckily, the court ruled in Whitney’s favor giving her $1million in company stock.

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The nasty experience made Whitney Wolfe start a parallel App that would give the woman the upper hand in relationships. In Bumble, only the woman is allowed to choose the mate and men are hindered from making the first move. Although some women have an issue with asking the man out, the dating app has made it almost normal for the lady to make a move since failure to do so causes the match to be lost forever.

Whitney Wolfe claims that it is very traditional for women to sit and wait for men to notice them. She argues that women like her are go getters, who go for what they want when they want. Bumble BFF, a subsidiary of Bumble, allows women to make female friends, who they qualify as good friends. The app was designed to reduce loneliness among women as they marry late these days.

Whitney has also designed a Bumble Center, where people who use Bumble App will meet and mingle. They will also be educated on important topics such as relationships and investments. Whitney believes in empowering the woman.

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