Successful Distribution of USHEALTH Group’s Health Insurance Covers Demonstrates the Marketing Expertise at USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors is the marketing and distribution branch of one of the leading health insurance providers in the United States, USHEALTH Group. Dallas, Texas hosts the company’s headquarters.

The health insurance covers sold by the firm are underwritten by USHEALTH Group’s wholly-owned subsidiaries. The subsidiaries are National Foundation Life Insurance Company and the recognized Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.

Excellent Customer Care

USHEALTH Advisors’ wide clientele base is formed by self-employed individuals and small businesses together with their employees. The firm has hands-on experience of over three decades. It is for this reason that it fully understands that each client has unique needs that should be addressed individually. Knowing this fact, USHEALTH Advisors provides tailor-made products to fit these needs.

The firm is innovative enough to provide new products that keep up with the ever-changing health insurance market. The prices provided by the company are also affordable, taking into account the high costs that dominate the field.

The Agents

USHEALTH Advisors sells the health insurance covers through a network of well-trained agents. The agents enjoy high compensation from the company. They earn commissions when they sign up clients in the first year. Subsequent renewals also earn commissions.

The agents are assured of full support from the firm until they can stand on their own. USHEALTH Advisors sets easy to meet targets and rewards the agents who achieve them. The agents who record top performances are recommended for promotions.

Giving Back

Besides selling health insurance covers, USHEALTH Advisors has interests in the society. Through its philanthropic arm, Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE), the firm strives to make positive impacts to the communities. The organization started its projects by helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the year 2010.

Together with the Phoenix of New Orleans, the firm renovated homes for the victims from the hardest hit areas. The following year, HOPE donated assorted items to a Phoenix-based children shelter, The Crisis Nursery.

USHEALTH Advisors has also worked with HOPEKids Arizona that helps families of kids with cancer and other serious ailments. Led by the chief executive officer Troy McQuagge, the firm has continued to give back to the communities relentlessly over the years.

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