Todd Lubar: Introducing a New Trend in the Real Estate Market

Todd Lubar is a businessman who focuses on real estate and mortgage banking. Recently, he provided information that would allow the public to learn more about the real estate market. He stated that there are certain trends that one must identify regarding the real estate market, and if an individual can identify these trends, he or she could end up successful in investing at the property sector. Todd Lubar gave some points that one must remember especially when he or she decided that they will be focusing more on the real estate market.


The first trend that one must look out for would be the increasing number of younger population living in a particular area. The youth population is an indicator that a city is transforming slowly to adopt the younger population living from afar. They are congregating in a city which could give them a better job or lifestyle. After seeing the youth influx in Baltimore, Todd Lubar knew that the city is transforming to become more youth-friendly, and one of his responses in the phenomenon is the creation of more hip apartments for the new generations. He would transform an empty warehouse or old apartment blocks into colorful and vibrant neighborhoods suitable for the youth.


The next trend is all about public transportation. The trend in the rising real estate market also depends on its accessibility on town and city centers. In Baltimore, Todd Lubar stated that the city is now developing its style of a transport system that would enable the population from nearby areas to visit the city without bringing their car with them. By building an efficient transport system, the city of Baltimore will be able to attract more workers to find a job inside the city. If a location has an improved transportation system, it would mean that the real estate market in that particular area is booming.


When the youth population starts to climb up, and the transportation system is becoming an instrument that would take the people around in a short period, the environment would attract investors who would be setting up their businesses. Todd Lubar pointed out that Baltimore is slowly getting a lot of investors from the largest companies in the United States, and they are planning to develop the city further so that it could host more people and more entrepreneurs who are more into creating startups. Finally, the trend that Todd Lubar wanted to point out is the condition or the status of the cost of living in the area. If the cost living is low, then more people would be coming into the city, and there would be a higher chance for the real estate market to rise.



Helping Sexual Abuse Victims of All Ages: Jeff Herman

This article discusses the reality of sexual exploitation of children. Children are so innocent and trusting they can easily become targets of sexual abuse. Jeff Herman discusses some of the ways to talk to your children and teach them the importance of stranger danger. He also goes over ways for parents to keep their children safe in everyday life, rather it’s online or offline. With internet access being widely available too many people; luring children into dangerous situations is easier then ever. There are steps that can be taken to help avoid sexual abuse. It’s important to start teaching your children about their body at a young age. But make sure you keep it age appropriate. It’s your job as a parent to explain to them what body parts are private. Another crucial step is making sure they understand and know how to say “No”, especially if something makes them feel bad. Make sure they understand no one is too touch their private parts. Make sure you give age appropriate examples of what’s okay and what’s not. And never stop talking about what’s appropriate and what’s not okay.

Jeff Herman is nationally known attorney who gives a voice to victims of sexual abuse of any form. His entire practice is dedicated to helping victims of these violent crimes. Over the years Jeff has represented several men, women and children who been victims of sexual abuse. In the past 20 years Jeff Herman’s practice has become one of leading places who work with children who have been sexually abused. In fall of 2011, he won a case involving a priest in Florida, Father Neil Doherty who sexually abused one of his clients. He won that client $100 million dollars. Jeff has spent over 25 years representing his clients. He’s come to understand the needs change from client to client. No victim or their story is the same. Jeff’s work has been featured on several news outlets including: CNN, Fox News, and the New York Times. He’s also been on shows like Dr. Drew and the O’Reilly Factor.