Living a Regimented Day of Hard Work Makes for An Unflappable Ryan Seacrest

It might be said that Dick Clark has been Ryan Seacrest‘s American idol. He looked up to Dick Clark as somewhat of an idol when he was a kid. Then as an adult worked hard to emulate Clark’s smooth easy going presence as a master of ceremonies and broadcaster. How rewarding then for Seacrest to have worked with Dick Clark before Clark’s death, being able to confer with each other on how they work to maintain that easy going style. For Ryan Seacrest the key is keeping his days regimented by outlining when to focus on what and live by a detailed daily schedule.

His morning start with Matcha tea, which he swears by. It’s a mega dose green tea that gets his metabolism kicked off and burning calories. Plus it’s chock full of antioxidants. He says, “I’m mostly vegan,” but has to admit he is a real “foodie”. His most favorite thing to do is to spend and evening with family and friends having a multi-course dinner topped off with an exceptional bottle of fine wine.

It is important for him to also review all the news from the day before and any breaking developments from overnight. Each extra minute traveling is spent reading to stay abreast of as many topics as possible.

Diving into the work, the first half of his day, is co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan and  On Air with Ryan his nationally syndicated radio program.

Afternoons are filled with all the other endeavors, which include production of Television shows like “American Idol”, and “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, his own skin care and fashion line, plus making sure all is running smoothly with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. To learn more about the Foundation you can visit the web site at

Ryan Secrest lives by the fact that you can departmentalize your day. Go ahead and set a certain time of day for answering questions. You can put your phone away, turn it off for some quality time away from everything. Lastly words to live by if you want to be a success is the positive answers of “Yes”, I can do it. And “I’ve got it”. Get more details from Ryan on Facebook.

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