The American Idol Guy Is Still The Busiest Man In Showbiz

Ryan Seacrest was the host of the American Idol for several years. The American Idol was a show that introduced very talented people to the American audience and the world. Ryan Seacrest is the type of individual that likes to keep busy. He joined the Live with Kelly and Ryan, while still hosting On Air With Ryan and managing the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Still, Seacrest was in a battle of the wits to negotiate a sweet deal with ABC. The negotiations were tough going, but Ryan Seacrest was adamant about getting an eight figure salary.

Tough Negotiations

Ryan Seacrest, the creator of Distinction, was in a tough negotiation earlier this year concerning renewing his contract with ABC. Kelly Rippa is the cohost of Live With Kelly And Ryan Show which is broadcast during the week days. She stated that the show just would not be the same without her co-host Ryan Seacrest. It’s interesting to note that Seacrest had reached an interesting point in his career. Would he take the deal with ABC or look for new territory to explore, career wise. Certainly, Seacrest had gone to great lengths to make the move to New York and co-host the Live With Kelly And Ryan Show, after two decades of living in Los Angeles. Doubt started to creep into his mind.

Needing More Balance

According to, Ryan Seacrest remains one of the busiest people in Showbiz, but he would like to have more balance in his life. Ryan Seacrest is 42 years old. Clearly, he is at the stage of his life where he is thinking seriously about starting his own family and having more balance in his life. Settling down with his girlfriend and having a family with his girlfriend is something that weighs heavily on Seacrest’s mind. Still, Ryan Seacrest, radio show host, has a lot on his plate. He’s taken on another project, which includes the Kardashian franchise. Certainly, this is going to keep him even busier for a very long time.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) or the American Idol guy is the type of man that likes to keep busy. Certainly, all his projects will keep him busy, well into the future.

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