Real Estate Investing Guru Jim Toner is More Than Just a Smart Investor

Long-time Real Estate Investment expert and serial entrepreneur Jim Toner spent the better part of two decades figuring out the keys to continued success and prosperity financially, physically, and mentally.

As a motivational Business Consultant and Coach, Jim Toner has tutored and molded thousands of successful Real Estate Investors out of the excited attendees at his seminar’s and functions. As an experienced investor, he offers incredibly simplified ways to educate and support eager students as they embark on their journey to financial freedom.

Jim Toner’s successful Investing career and speaking seminar’s are only a small piece of the puzzle as he built Wolf Business Group, and added Radio Show Host, TV appearances on networks such as CNN, two successful ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle platform, and philanthropic missions with various charitable organizations he supports.

With abundance and wealth a daily part of his manifestations, Jim Toner said the wealth considerably, offering up to 10% of his earnings to those less fortunate, the homeless, and non-profit organizations driven to end childhood hunger and poverty. His perception of giving freely provides abundance in his life and therefore, it returns abundance in the amount he gives without expectation.

Traveling nationwide, real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner offers participants the chance to learn his proven methods and systems, learn from the founder of the well known Creating Wealth 101 System, and walk away confident in their future as a RE Investor. His engagements bring in thousands with additional opportunities to schedule one on one meetings with Jim while attending the seminar.

According to, with a philosophy that speaks clearly to the majority of the American Public, Jim Toner takes on a once misunderstood and ignored opportunity in finding financial success and turns it all on it’s head. His theories and methods opens the door for would be Real Estate Investors to step out, and give it a try without hesitation because everyone is a potential millionaire entrepreneur, they just have to go out and give it a try.


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