Living a Regimented Day of Hard Work Makes for An Unflappable Ryan Seacrest

It might be said that Dick Clark has been Ryan Seacrest‘s American idol. He looked up to Dick Clark as somewhat of an idol when he was a kid. Then as an adult worked hard to emulate Clark’s smooth easy going presence as a master of ceremonies and broadcaster. How rewarding then for Seacrest to have worked with Dick Clark before Clark’s death, being able to confer with each other on how they work to maintain that easy going style. For Ryan Seacrest the key is keeping his days regimented by outlining when to focus on what and live by a detailed daily schedule.

His morning start with Matcha tea, which he swears by. It’s a mega dose green tea that gets his metabolism kicked off and burning calories. Plus it’s chock full of antioxidants. He says, “I’m mostly vegan,” but has to admit he is a real “foodie”. His most favorite thing to do is to spend and evening with family and friends having a multi-course dinner topped off with an exceptional bottle of fine wine.

It is important for him to also review all the news from the day before and any breaking developments from overnight. Each extra minute traveling is spent reading to stay abreast of as many topics as possible.

Diving into the work, the first half of his day, is co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan and  On Air with Ryan his nationally syndicated radio program.

Afternoons are filled with all the other endeavors, which include production of Television shows like “American Idol”, and “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, his own skin care and fashion line, plus making sure all is running smoothly with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. To learn more about the Foundation you can visit the web site at

Ryan Secrest lives by the fact that you can departmentalize your day. Go ahead and set a certain time of day for answering questions. You can put your phone away, turn it off for some quality time away from everything. Lastly words to live by if you want to be a success is the positive answers of “Yes”, I can do it. And “I’ve got it”. Get more details from Ryan on Facebook.

HCR Wealth Advisors: Working With a Volatile Market

For people who are working on this market, it is a lot different from the markets of a few decades ago. For one thing, it was easier to trust the markets back then because everything was calmer. These days, the markets are volatile. Therefore, it could take some kind of assistance and advice in order to manage the volatility of the markets. Fortunately, there are financial firms like HCR Wealth Advisors. One thing that can be said about this firm is that it is available for people who have a high net worth. They are more likely achieve their financial goals with the help of this firm.

Even with the markets being volatile, there is a lot to look forward to when it comes to 2018 and the later years. There has been some data and reports that have been released which show that the market is improving. 2017 has turned out to be a successful year for stock brokers and investors. Among the areas that turned out to be strong for 2017 was the dividend reinvestment area. This was an encouraging area for stock investors. Another thing that 2017 reports have shown is that there has been a positive return in every month.

In this volatile market, one thing that can help clients is if they find some personalized solutions. HCR Wealth Advisors, an investment advisory firm, can provide this for their clients. It is important for financial advisors to get an accurate view of their clients. They need to know the needs of the clients, the amount of money he is making at a time, and the necessary expenses that he has. Then they can put together a plan based on the individual data that was received from the individual. This can make the goals for financial independence very effective.


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Successes of Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is a successful banker backed by four decades of experience in his field of specialization. Anil has played various roles in many prestigious banks in India and Europe, facilitating transactions between banks in the two continents. His contributions to the growth of various firms in the country are notable through the tremendous growth they have achieved. Anil is unstoppable when it comes to accomplishing his goals. He has over the recent years specialized in cooperate advisory and banking, investments and private banking. He has displayed a vast understanding of the major basis for the success of ventures and he is oday among the most sought out bankers in the world.



Besides focusing on his career, Anil Chaturvedi has also striven to work closely with other people to come up with strong business ideas for the development of their firms. He has helped a vast number of people bring their ideas to life and as a result, their firms have grown tremendously.


Anil Chaturvedi is currently the managing director of the Hinduja Bank in Switzerland and he has employed the use of the skills he possesses in the field to lead the firm towards the achievement of its goals. He believes that banks are an important component for the development of a countries economy. He has shared his thoughts concerning the impact of banking institutions in a country and he insists that banks help to raise the economy of a country through offering loans to its clients. The loans that people get from the banks add up to their overall capital, which they can use to launch ventures that increase their total income as long as they are well managed.


Besides, the renowned banker has also pointed out the various types of banks that are available in countries, and he has put emphasis on investment banks. He believes that investment banks play a major role in helping investment firms grow their profits through helping them save money and even give credits to their members. The vast knowledge and commitment that Anil Chaturvedi has displayed in the field of banking have inspired many people who have striven to adopt his unique approaches to grow their business.

Todd Lubar: Introducing a New Trend in the Real Estate Market

Todd Lubar is a businessman who focuses on real estate and mortgage banking. Recently, he provided information that would allow the public to learn more about the real estate market. He stated that there are certain trends that one must identify regarding the real estate market, and if an individual can identify these trends, he or she could end up successful in investing at the property sector. Todd Lubar gave some points that one must remember especially when he or she decided that they will be focusing more on the real estate market.


The first trend that one must look out for would be the increasing number of younger population living in a particular area. The youth population is an indicator that a city is transforming slowly to adopt the younger population living from afar. They are congregating in a city which could give them a better job or lifestyle. After seeing the youth influx in Baltimore, Todd Lubar knew that the city is transforming to become more youth-friendly, and one of his responses in the phenomenon is the creation of more hip apartments for the new generations. He would transform an empty warehouse or old apartment blocks into colorful and vibrant neighborhoods suitable for the youth.


The next trend is all about public transportation. The trend in the rising real estate market also depends on its accessibility on town and city centers. In Baltimore, Todd Lubar stated that the city is now developing its style of a transport system that would enable the population from nearby areas to visit the city without bringing their car with them. By building an efficient transport system, the city of Baltimore will be able to attract more workers to find a job inside the city. If a location has an improved transportation system, it would mean that the real estate market in that particular area is booming.


When the youth population starts to climb up, and the transportation system is becoming an instrument that would take the people around in a short period, the environment would attract investors who would be setting up their businesses. Todd Lubar pointed out that Baltimore is slowly getting a lot of investors from the largest companies in the United States, and they are planning to develop the city further so that it could host more people and more entrepreneurs who are more into creating startups. Finally, the trend that Todd Lubar wanted to point out is the condition or the status of the cost of living in the area. If the cost living is low, then more people would be coming into the city, and there would be a higher chance for the real estate market to rise.



Helping Sexual Abuse Victims of All Ages: Jeff Herman

This article discusses the reality of sexual exploitation of children. Children are so innocent and trusting they can easily become targets of sexual abuse. Jeff Herman discusses some of the ways to talk to your children and teach them the importance of stranger danger. He also goes over ways for parents to keep their children safe in everyday life, rather it’s online or offline. With internet access being widely available too many people; luring children into dangerous situations is easier then ever. There are steps that can be taken to help avoid sexual abuse. It’s important to start teaching your children about their body at a young age. But make sure you keep it age appropriate. It’s your job as a parent to explain to them what body parts are private. Another crucial step is making sure they understand and know how to say “No”, especially if something makes them feel bad. Make sure they understand no one is too touch their private parts. Make sure you give age appropriate examples of what’s okay and what’s not. And never stop talking about what’s appropriate and what’s not okay.

Jeff Herman is nationally known attorney who gives a voice to victims of sexual abuse of any form. His entire practice is dedicated to helping victims of these violent crimes. Over the years Jeff has represented several men, women and children who been victims of sexual abuse. In the past 20 years Jeff Herman’s practice has become one of leading places who work with children who have been sexually abused. In fall of 2011, he won a case involving a priest in Florida, Father Neil Doherty who sexually abused one of his clients. He won that client $100 million dollars. Jeff has spent over 25 years representing his clients. He’s come to understand the needs change from client to client. No victim or their story is the same. Jeff’s work has been featured on several news outlets including: CNN, Fox News, and the New York Times. He’s also been on shows like Dr. Drew and the O’Reilly Factor.

Sussex Healthcare

Many people are looking for places appropriate enough to provide care and happiness to their loved ones. It is not easy to get an excellent facility where one can entrust your loved ones. However, good news has come to relief people off their grief of where to leave their seniors under proper care.

Sussex Healthcare is a facility located in the UK and running over 20 homes for the elderly and other adults with various mental, physical, or emotional conditions. We prioritize in giving a happy life and a conducive environment to help live an appropriate life. Age is not a limit in providing the proper care to our patients at all time. Our workers have enough skills to handle the patients emotionally and physically.

Sussex Healthcare has an accommodating room not only for the elderly but also other adults with conditions such as neurological condition, autism, learning disabilities, and brain injuries. At the health center, we provide a conducive and accommodating atmosphere of leisure and recreational activities. We offer a life worth living by changing the perception that a happy life is only living with lack of illness in our bodies.

Through many activities, we can stimulate our patients mentally and physically. The fun activities help drive a sense of healing to all patients regardless of their condition. The primary goal of Sussex Healthcare is to provide a happy life with a smile every day away from any mental or physical pain. Our workers spend time with the patients to offer company and to provide attention for those who want to talk. Therefore, we take care of people suffering from conditions like depression, trauma, insomnia, mental illness, and some types of cancer. We create a society where one patient looks forward to the healing of the other patient. Thus, an environment of positivism.

At Sussex Healthcare, we own equipment and treatment procedures that contribute to life-changing activities like spa pools, track hoists, and multi-sensory rooms. Through our trained nursing care professionals, we conduct a routine medical check up to patients who need it at all of our facilities. In our kitchens, we provide the proper ingredients locally available for people with specific dietary needs. Also, we provide transportation to the healthcare facilities like gymnasium, swimming pools, and other excursions for those who need it. The organization is changing the lives of many people significantly by providing a meaningful experience. The healthcare rates the top in delivering adequate care.

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The American Institute of Architects leads for Climate Change

As environmental awareness continues to sweep around the globe, many industries are declaring their purpose beginning to lend support to this great initiative. National Steel Car in the railway sector has committed lowering its water consumption and gas emissions. The United Technologies Corporation has agreed also lower in emissions by 70%. Perhaps the newest industry to join this long line of change is the area of architecture.

The profession of architecture has perhaps the most direct impact on both human lives and God’s creation. This is because they create the buildings we live in, thus they dictate where the roads must be placed, and they built them right on top of nature. If any industry should become more environmentally friendly the industry of architecture should be at.

Robert Ivy led the American Institute of Architects as their current President. He served as Vice President for many years before being promoted to the role of president seven years ago. He has brought a new desire to the American Institute of Architects. It is the desire to focus our equipping and training other architects to be more conscious about environmental sustainability as well as public health. It is his goal to unite human wants with the want of nature. By doing so, we will create harmony around the globe

In order to pull off this wonderful vision, Robert Ivy had to find a large or through which he could teach. That platform was given to him one night while attending a dinner at the Clinton Foundation. During this winter, Hillary Clinton invited Robert Ivy to explain to all the 1000 corporate leaders present his mission to create a more environmentally sustainable architecture.

Robert Ivy stood before the 1000 executives and began to explain to them that there was a way for the field of architecture to reduce its impact on the environment. In order to do so, they needed to develop strategies and engineering techniques that will allow buildings to be stronger advocate for public health and have a minimal impact on the environment. He promised that the Institute of American Architects would take the next 10 years to make this a reality. He referred to this as the decade of design.

All 1000 executives and applauded what Robert Ivy was standing for. They agreed that this would be a good move to lower the carbon footprint that is affecting Earth.

Jeremy Goldstein Elaborates Knockout Options

In the recent past, most companies have stopped providing staff members with stock options. Most corporations took the measure to save money, but the real reason behind the move is quite complicated. Three main challenges make companies decide not to offer stock options. For instance, employees understand that economic challenges can make stock options to appear worthless, stock options may cause financial burdens to companies, and the stock value of a company may decrease thus making it difficult for employees to enjoy the benefits.


Nevertheless, stock options can be more beneficial than additional wages, insurance, and equities among others because they are simple to understand. Stock options offer equal value to all employees. Additionally, if the value of the company rises, personal earnings increase as well. This makes employees work hard to attract more clients and to boost sales because they understand that increased profitability of the company will also be of benefit to them.


There are particular Internal Revenue Service orders that cause problems when supplying employees with equities. The situation mostly happens when firms come up with compensation options for top officials. Such businesses may incur increased taxes if they offer stakes. However, provision of stock options cannot raise tax burdens.



If a business wants to give employees stock options, it can enjoy the benefits mentioned above. The strategy will enable the firm to avoid excessive costs as well. The business should strategize on ways of minimizing expenses and initial costs. The best thing to do is to embrace the ‘knockout’ which is a barrier option. It is important to note that stock options have vesting requirements as well as time limits. An employee can lose them when the share value of a company falls below a certain amount.


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the partners at a boutique law firm referred to as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The company offers insightful advice to CEOs of companies, leadership teams, corporate, and investors. Some of the services offered by the company include corporate governance matters, compensation inquiries, sensitive issues, and organizational transformation.


Before Jeremy Goldstein started his company, he rendered his services at Wachtell, Lipton, and Katz. Additionally, Jeremy Goldstein has played a significant role in ensuring that some of the most significant transactions of the last one decade are successful. Some of these major transactions include the acquisition of Goodrich Company. Jeremy Goldstein’s knowledge in executive compensation and governance is highly valued and is listed as among the most suitable lawyers who can handle such operations effectively. Learn more:

Rising Star: New Site Launch

The Phoenix New Times has long been a critic of notorious Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, who famously had a history of unfairly targeting Maricopa County’s Latino population. When the New Times received a subpoena demanding information about its staff and readership, ostensibly due to the publication of Arpaio’s home address by a writer who was investigating his real estate transactions, they suspected the real reason was their opposition to the sheriff. Although the document warned that legal action would be taken if the New Times published it, two of the newspaper’s executives, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, did just that. In response, they were arrested in their homes and taken to a jail overseen by Arpaio. Although the outrage that resulted from the arrests forced officials to release the pair later the same day, their ordeal was far from over. Five years later, the Ninth Circuit Court ruled that Lacey’s and Larkin’s arrests were unjustified and their first First Amendment rights had been violated. They were awarded a $3.75 million settlement from Maricopa County.


Lacey and Larkin decided to give that money back to the community they had always championed. First, they founded the Frontera Fund, an organization dedicated to fighting discrimination against the Latino population and awarding grants to Latino rights groups. They also founded Front Page Confidential, a news site that informs the public about current events threatening the First Amendment. Although Arpaio was triumphantly voted out of office in 2016, discrimination against the Latino population and violations against freedom of speech continue, but through these services, Lacey and Larkin hope to do their own small part to reverse the tide however and wherever possible.


Dr. David Samadi, A Pacesetter In Countering The Cancer Headache Through His Area Of Specialization

Recently featured in the PR Newswire, Dr. David Samadi opens up about the upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Dr. Samadi is currently the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York. The topic at hand would be addressed by him and Dr. Cynara Coomer, a distinguished name in the campaign. Dr. Cynara doubles up as Northwell Health Stated Island University Hospital’s Director of the Comprehensive Breast Center and is also the Chief of Breast Surgery.

Privileged to be on board during the weekly edition of Dr. Samadi’s Sunday Housecall Livestream on Fox News, Dr. Cynara is enthusiastic about giving an overview of exactly what the upcoming event would be about. She has been a major catalyst in ensuring that Staten Island has its own Comprehensive Breast Cancer center thanks to her untiring dedication to the sector. Over time, she stills stand as a pioneering expert in breast health. Prior to her service at Northwell Heath Staten Island University Hospital, Dr. Cynara worked at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York as a Breast Surgeon. She finessed her clinical practice and is devoted to counter not only benign but also malignant breast infections.

She shows her willingness to discuss what she terms as the most sensitive aspects in the health sector whilst showing the gratitude of being a part of Dr. Samadi’s initiative. Both doctors are committed to ensuring that at least every American is aware of the seriousness of such medical conditions.


About Dr. David Samadi

David Samadi was born in the Persian Jewish community where he spent 15 years of his childhood but later relocated to Belgium and London for education purposes. Later on, David and his younger brother moved to New York which has played a major role in shaping his life. Samadi has been part of several distinguished Institutions where he acquired skills necessary for his career path. He holds a biochemistry degree from Stony Brook University, an M.D from S.U.N.Y and later on pursued postgraduate training at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

David kick-started his career at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital before moving to Mt. Sinai School of Medicine where he earned the position of Vice Chair in the Urology sector. By 2012, he was recognized as New York’s highest pain doctor with up to a salary of $7.6 million. From there, he moved to Lenox Hill Hospital will where he is up to date. He has global command as a certified urologic oncologist with training in both open traditional and laparoscopic surgery. His main goal in his practice is early detection and treatment of cancer, majorly prostate. He is undeniably the most prominent in his field.

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