Living a Regimented Day of Hard Work Makes for An Unflappable Ryan Seacrest

It might be said that Dick Clark has been Ryan Seacrest‘s American idol. He looked up to Dick Clark as somewhat of an idol when he was a kid. Then as an adult worked hard to emulate Clark’s smooth easy going presence as a master of ceremonies and broadcaster. How rewarding then for Seacrest to have worked with Dick Clark before Clark’s death, being able to confer with each other on how they work to maintain that easy going style. For Ryan Seacrest the key is keeping his days regimented by outlining when to focus on what and live by a detailed daily schedule.

His morning start with Matcha tea, which he swears by. It’s a mega dose green tea that gets his metabolism kicked off and burning calories. Plus it’s chock full of antioxidants. He says, “I’m mostly vegan,” but has to admit he is a real “foodie”. His most favorite thing to do is to spend and evening with family and friends having a multi-course dinner topped off with an exceptional bottle of fine wine.

It is important for him to also review all the news from the day before and any breaking developments from overnight. Each extra minute traveling is spent reading to stay abreast of as many topics as possible.

Diving into the work, the first half of his day, is co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan and  On Air with Ryan his nationally syndicated radio program.

Afternoons are filled with all the other endeavors, which include production of Television shows like “American Idol”, and “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, his own skin care and fashion line, plus making sure all is running smoothly with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. To learn more about the Foundation you can visit the web site at

Ryan Secrest lives by the fact that you can departmentalize your day. Go ahead and set a certain time of day for answering questions. You can put your phone away, turn it off for some quality time away from everything. Lastly words to live by if you want to be a success is the positive answers of “Yes”, I can do it. And “I’ve got it”. Get more details from Ryan on Facebook.

HCR Wealth Advisors: Working With a Volatile Market

For people who are working on this market, it is a lot different from the markets of a few decades ago. For one thing, it was easier to trust the markets back then because everything was calmer. These days, the markets are volatile. Therefore, it could take some kind of assistance and advice in order to manage the volatility of the markets. Fortunately, there are financial firms like HCR Wealth Advisors. One thing that can be said about this firm is that it is available for people who have a high net worth. They are more likely achieve their financial goals with the help of this firm.

Even with the markets being volatile, there is a lot to look forward to when it comes to 2018 and the later years. There has been some data and reports that have been released which show that the market is improving. 2017 has turned out to be a successful year for stock brokers and investors. Among the areas that turned out to be strong for 2017 was the dividend reinvestment area. This was an encouraging area for stock investors. Another thing that 2017 reports have shown is that there has been a positive return in every month.

In this volatile market, one thing that can help clients is if they find some personalized solutions. HCR Wealth Advisors, an investment advisory firm, can provide this for their clients. It is important for financial advisors to get an accurate view of their clients. They need to know the needs of the clients, the amount of money he is making at a time, and the necessary expenses that he has. Then they can put together a plan based on the individual data that was received from the individual. This can make the goals for financial independence very effective.


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Dr. Jim Tananbaum, a Dedicated Medical revolutionist

Dr. Jim Tananbaum is an entrepreneur in healthcare industry focusing on operational, strategic, and financial ventures. Armed with B.S.E.E, M.D, and M.B.A from Yale University, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard Business School respectively, Dr. Tananbaum is best equipped for the industry.

Dr. Tananbaum was named in Forbes Midas list of 2017 for three years running. This list acknowledges top 100 investors who take early chances to invest in high-tech companies and eventually creating enormous wealth to their investors.

In his lifetime Dr. Tananbaum has led a successful investment in healthcare companies naming Jazz, Amira and Amerigroup Pharmaceuticals and many others. He founded and managed GelTex (a company that bought two drugs for less than $ 80 million and now have an income of $1 billion) and Theravance Pharmaceuticals. Also, Tananbaum partnered in forming a successful investment group- prospect partner II and III.

Dr. Tananbaum is the architect behind and CEO of Foresite Capital. Foresite Capital is an investment organization in healthcare industry both in private and public sector. Foresite Capital has its base in San Francisco with other offices in New York. See Foresite Capital’s Linked In page here.

Recently Foresite Capital in partnership with ARCH partners, Optum Venture, and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund ventured into $14 million project Series A round f. According to, the project involves Mindstrong Health platform that focuses on employing smartphones to diagnose and assist in neuropsychiatric treatment. For the correct assessment of cognitive function, individuals will scroll or type on their smartphone. The program will furnish data regarding the cognition and mood biomarkers processing speed, memory, attention, and function.

Regarding Mindstrong Health Program, Dr. Jim Tananbaum in a prepared statement expressed high optimism on the project. “Mindstrong Health Founding team brings unmatched understanding of the challenges surrounding the way the medical community cares for patients suffering from cognitive health disorders …. the innovative platform modernizes and vastly improves the way in which care is provided.”

Foresite Capital under the stewardship of Dr. Tananbaum is also planning to launch an ambitious project – Intarcia by the end of 2017, see Intarcia is a twice per year implant for type II diabetes which assists the patient to manage their diabetes and also lose weight.

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The Role of Mike Baur in Swiss Startup Factory

Swiss Startup Factory is a startup accelerator company founded by Mike Baur, Oliver Walzer and Max Meister in Zurich 2014 with the aim of helping innovative startups make it big in their respective industry. Currently, Mike is a managing partner in the company, and he is responsible for all financial activities in the company including and not limited to fundraising, leading the company through mergers and acquisitions, and financing rounds. Thanks to Mike’s passion for helping startups and his sound financial background, the company has been able to achieve a lot over a short period.

Mike Baur started his career in the banking industry at a tender age of 19. At the time of starting Swiss Startup Factory, he had spent two decades in the banking sector working his way up to prestigious positions in some of the big banks in Switzerland. Apart from this experience in matters financing, Mike is well educated with an MBA and an executive MBA degree from the University of Rochester, NY and the University of Bern in Switzerland respectively.

Under the leadership of Mike Baur, the Swiss Startup Factory has been involved in nurturing innovators and taking their businesses into global ventures. The company runs a startup accelerator program that young enterprising innovators get to apply twice a year; February and September. Once accepted into the program, Mike with the help of other experts in Swiss Startup Factors take the selected entrepreneurs through a three months program. During this time, the entrepreneurs are mentored on idea pitching, product development, accounting, IT, marketing, and how to access corporate networks within the industry. In addition to these things, the entrepreneurs are given starting capital and an office space at the Swiss Startup Factory offices in Zurich where they can run and operate their business before venturing out.

Mike has also helped SSUF stand on its own and be able to fully support all its activities including funding by forming successful mergers with other companies. One very important partnership is that with CTI Invest. CTI is a financial company that provides startup loans to deserving innovative companies within the economy. Additionally, Mike has also led Swiss Startup Factory into partnership with Fintech Fusion that will see the company provide better services to its entrepreneurs.

Through the leadership of Mike Baur, we are guaranteed of having a new breed of successful entrepreneurs in the years to come.