3 Ways Fabletics Is Killing Competition Without Breaking A Sweat

Every fashion eCommerce retailer wants to taste the success Amazon has achieved. Its market influence extends to a massive 20 percent of the online shopping community. Lately, its newest rival, Fabletics, a TechStyle subsidiary, which recently celebrated its 4th anniversary, threatens to dethrone the eCommerce champion. In just three years following inception, Fabletics generated $250 million in revenue. With it acquiring physical retail space, it’s now accessing untapped channels of the market. In a modern industry where consumer expectations of high-value fashion brands have matured, retailers’ toughest challenge is keeping relevant.


One of three marketing strategies exploited by Fabletics is reverse showrooming. Having witnessed countless retailers fail at showrooming, it devised a quintessential approach to win over consumers. The athleisure fashion designer makes every event of browsing count with the reverse method. This has enabled the brand to strengthen customer relationships. Additionally, it preserves walk-in consumer browsing history by adding items to their virtual shopping bag. An estimated 25 percent of potential shoppers browsing in-store locations become paying subscribers. Another survey revealed that 30 to 50 percent of Fabletics members browse physical retail stores as well as online.


While online data represents the essence of any retail strategy, Fabletics utilizes a combination of elements to influence consumers. It’s particularly focused on preserving the brand experience with every interaction. It considers dynamics such as social media sensibility, live sales, membership preferences and heat-mapping analysis to create style trends that actually engage consumers. Its “Lifestyle Quiz” also streamline data to help determine and create the perfect fashion recommendations for each member. The brand reported an exponential growth rate of 35 percent according to TechStyle’s head of marketing, Shawn Gold. Fabletics has credited this success to its exclusive membership program, intelligent distribution, data awareness and convenient purchase options.


Fabletics co-founder and award-winning Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson, has been credited for the brand’s quintessentially fashion-forward styling. The celebrity entrepreneur keeps a low profile, despite her massive success pioneering the emerging fashion eCommerce franchise. She’s injected herself in every aspect of manufacturing and management to even encouraging a TechStyle collaboration. A partnership with the fashion eCommerce retailer provided the leverage Fabletics needed to evolve and tap into new markets.


Hudson developed on this perfect learning adventure and spearheaded a series of creative development exercises to streamline sustainable growth. With an opportunity to tap into unlimited resources, fashion expertise, and lucrative investment channels, Hudson anticipated every advantage in a TechStyle alliance. Fabletics has remained consistent with growth over the course of operation. Last year, it reported a growth rate of 43 percent and anticipates a sales projection of $250 million for 2017.

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Gift Cards And Promotions of Fabletics

With many businesses, there are always going to be some promotions going. Also, some businesses are going to have gift cards that customers could use in order to buy the products. Among the companies that have gift cards that could be used is Fabletics. This has shown that Fabletics is in fact a successful company. One of the good things about gift cards is that they can be used to shop at the company without spending money. All of the credit is on the card. Therefore, people have a bit of leeway when it comes to the type of shopping they are going to do with the store.


One of the good things about gift cards and promotions from Fabletics is that it gives people a chance to buy the styles they want at a discount. Therefore, people can buy some new outfits whenever they feel the need to find some new clothes and update their wardrobe. This can also bring an increase in confidence to people who need it. Fabletics has done a lot to make sure that fashion is within the reach of the customer. If people feel like they are unable to afford the items that are sold, then they are going to wind up running from the store.


Fabletics has to make sure that it gets a wide range of customers to check out the fitted clothes they offer them. This is especially good for customers that are very serious about their fashion and style. When people want to actually buy something that looks good, they can do it without emptying their bank account. Fabletics makes sure that the customer is able to enjoy some of the luxuries that the more wealthy get to enjoy with fashion.


With the available gift cards, people can get up to $250 in gift cards. Therefore, they will be able to buy outfits that they can really enjoy. Also, Fabletics shows that it is a very responsible and passionate company with all of the promotions and advertisements it sends out to people through different media. People need to know about the deals that they have going so that they will be able to take advantage.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Uses Successful Reverse Showrooming Model to Thrive in the Fashion E-Commerce Market Space

Making it in the fashion e-commerce market is not an easy task, especially considering that a company like Amazon controls at least 20 percent of this market. However, Fabletics is proving pundits wrong by growing and expanding despite the cutthroat market competition. In 3 years, the venture has grown into a thriving business worth $250 million. As part of the developing ‘active wear’ movement, Fabletics uses a payment mechanic to sell their clothing to its clientele. The principle is straightforward, clients like brands that are inspiring and push them a little, blend this with membership and expediency, and you get a great sales mixture.

High-Value Branding

Historically, high-value brands have been defined by price and quality of their goods or services, but of late a bulge in economics means this mishmash is no longer an adequate measure of value. Instead, the new determiners of what is high value to the new consumer are brand recognition, gamification elements, last-mile service, exclusive design, and customer experience.

Fabletic’s Marketing Strategies

Likening themselves to Warby Parker and Apple, Fabletics’ positioning and marketing scheme is an enticement for the fashion membership brand. As a result, they will be opening more physical stores this year adding to the sixteen that are presently open in places like California, Hawaii, Florida, or Illinois.

Reverse Showrooming

In showrooming, people browse offline then buy goods at a lower price elsewhere, which is killing the counterparts, but as for Fabletics, they have modified the model because of the unique way they started out. Fabletics have turned browsing into a positive. Their current strategies have enabled them to know local markets through events and build relationships instead of using the pop-up store method. Due to this, 30-50% of the people that walk in are already members and another 25% join in-store. Fabletics does not care whether the customer purchases in store, they view retail as another service.

Fabletics understands that in order not to destroy the client’s brand journey, they have to show the correct content in the physical as well as in the digital. By use of local online data, it suggests that physical stores will only stock what is attractive to them and can be switched as trends or tastes change. Social media opinion, membership preferences for local members, real-time sales activity, and store heat-mapping data governs how stores are stocked.

Review of Fabletics

It is a fitness apparel company owned by Kate Hudson. It operates on a monthly membership structure. Soon after joining, you take an assessment on what kind of workouts you do and what styles of attire you like, after which, at the beginning of each month, workout outfits are picked out for you.


Their services are impressive. Compared to the price paid, the quality is much higher. The leggings rival the quality of the Lulu lemon underwear. They have great compression, are thick, don’t fade, and hold their shape and compression over time. The tops are also soft and high quality.

Fabletics Positive Reviews

Fabletics has increased in popularity for the trendy styles and prints that are used in different workout attire that can be worn on the go. Both men and women can take advantage of the looks to feel confident and increase their fashion while spending time in the gym or when exercising outdoors.


Fabletics caters to a variety of sizes with xx-small to xx-large available, making it easy for adults of different shapes to take advantage of the stylish looks. The products offer breathability and don’t absorb moisture, making it easy to sweat without having to wear damp clothes for the remainder of your workout.


VIP members can save a significant amount of money by paying only $25 for the first outfit that they purchase and only $50 each month for future purchases. If you don’t want to make a purchase on a certain month you can easily skip that month and avoid getting charged. Customers can also choose to shop in-store at brick-and-mortar locations where it’s easy to handpick certain items and try them on before taking the clothing home. The staff is also helpful with making selections and finding sizes that fit comfortably.


Some of the top products that are in demand through the brand include the Two-Piece Tina Set, which is one of co-founder Kate Hudson’s picks from the collection. The outfit includes a high-support midi bra and breathable capris.


The brand also sells a long list of items that don’t necessarily have to be worn while working out. The Sedona Puffer Vest can be worn over outfits and makes it easy to stay warm with its perforated design.


Men can join in on the fun with choosing different styles in-store or on the brand’s website with a selection of masculine clothing garments that are available. The Evolution Cardigan is perfect to wear at home on the weekends and the Transpose Zip Jacket features a modern design that is sleek and youthful.


Other customers favor the brand for the ease of ordering on the company’s website with free shipping that is offered to VIP members. The low prices of the outfits are also favorable and are considered to be affordable compared to other athleisure brands in the fashion industry.