The American Institute of Architects leads for Climate Change

As environmental awareness continues to sweep around the globe, many industries are declaring their purpose beginning to lend support to this great initiative. National Steel Car in the railway sector has committed lowering its water consumption and gas emissions. The United Technologies Corporation has agreed also lower in emissions by 70%. Perhaps the newest industry to join this long line of change is the area of architecture.

The profession of architecture has perhaps the most direct impact on both human lives and God’s creation. This is because they create the buildings we live in, thus they dictate where the roads must be placed, and they built them right on top of nature. If any industry should become more environmentally friendly the industry of architecture should be at.

Robert Ivy led the American Institute of Architects as their current President. He served as Vice President for many years before being promoted to the role of president seven years ago. He has brought a new desire to the American Institute of Architects. It is the desire to focus our equipping and training other architects to be more conscious about environmental sustainability as well as public health. It is his goal to unite human wants with the want of nature. By doing so, we will create harmony around the globe

In order to pull off this wonderful vision, Robert Ivy had to find a large or through which he could teach. That platform was given to him one night while attending a dinner at the Clinton Foundation. During this winter, Hillary Clinton invited Robert Ivy to explain to all the 1000 corporate leaders present his mission to create a more environmentally sustainable architecture.

Robert Ivy stood before the 1000 executives and began to explain to them that there was a way for the field of architecture to reduce its impact on the environment. In order to do so, they needed to develop strategies and engineering techniques that will allow buildings to be stronger advocate for public health and have a minimal impact on the environment. He promised that the Institute of American Architects would take the next 10 years to make this a reality. He referred to this as the decade of design.

All 1000 executives and applauded what Robert Ivy was standing for. They agreed that this would be a good move to lower the carbon footprint that is affecting Earth.