Whitney Wolfe Fights For Women Power

Whitney Wolfe asks why the tradition dictates that the woman must wait for a man to pick her for a date. She asks why the woman cannot pick the man she likes. Whitney aspires to bring back power to the woman and to make a woman’s chances of being abused minimal. Whitney says that whenever a man picks a woman, he has the power to abuse her and hurt her deeply as was the case with her ex Mateen. The two met accidentally, and they agreed to come up with Tinder App. This time, Whitney Wolfe was only 23 years while the other co-founders were slightly older. After a while, Whitney and Mateen fell out, causing the men in the partnership to claim that Tinder could not have a woman among its co-founders as she made the company seem like a joke. Despite her efforts in establishing the App, Whitney was thrown out of the partnership. To make the matter worse, Mateen called her a whore in public, a factor that made her fight it out in court. Luckily, the court ruled in Whitney’s favor giving her $1million in company stock.

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The nasty experience made Whitney Wolfe start a parallel App that would give the woman the upper hand in relationships. In Bumble, only the woman is allowed to choose the mate and men are hindered from making the first move. Although some women have an issue with asking the man out, the dating app has made it almost normal for the lady to make a move since failure to do so causes the match to be lost forever.

Whitney Wolfe claims that it is very traditional for women to sit and wait for men to notice them. She argues that women like her are go getters, who go for what they want when they want. Bumble BFF, a subsidiary of Bumble, allows women to make female friends, who they qualify as good friends. The app was designed to reduce loneliness among women as they marry late these days.

Whitney has also designed a Bumble Center, where people who use Bumble App will meet and mingle. They will also be educated on important topics such as relationships and investments. Whitney believes in empowering the woman.

Find more about Whitney Wolfe: https://www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe

Malini Saba Creates Change Around The World With Stree

Malini Saba, founder of Stree, is a successful international entrepreneur who makes it her job to help at risk women and children all over the globe. She started Stree: Global Investments in Women to help women and children who are often underprivileged. Malini Saba uses her success and fortune to make an international impact.


Saba believes that women and children are the future and must be cared for accordingly. Alongside Stree, she helps them by providing healthcare, safe places to live, and educational opportunities to help make sure their futures are a little brighter.


 Malini Saba has a different view of success. She doesn’t view it in monetary value, but in being able to do what she loves every day. She believes that happiness and doing what you love is the true success. With Stree, she gets to do what she loves each and every day.


Stree has had to deal with governments in those developing countries in major ways in order to make true changes. She and Stree have stood their ground and continued to push for necessary changes. Saba always remembers that she is not just making a change for an individual, but an entire community. That drive ensures that the people she helps get the changes in their communities that they need.


Malini Saba is completely self-made. Her success is due to her continuous passion for everything she does. She grew up in Australia and moved to the U.S. when she was 19. Her and her then husband lived closed by to Stanford University. As a spouse of a student, Saba could attend lectures at the nearby university for free. That was where she became passionate about investment and business.


After crashing meetings and talking to many investment bankers, Malini Saba began investing her long-saved money into different industries like commodities, real estate, and telecommunications. Now, Saba is one of the top investors and philanthropists in the world.


In 2001, she founded Stree: Global Investments in Women. This non-profit organization has the goal of changing the views low income women and children have on themselves and their future roles in society. Stree helps provide means for grassroots movements to connect with public policy, in addition to many other services, in Central America, India, Eastern Europe, and Africa.